5 Creative Ways to Use The Mattress Topper

5 Creative Ways to Use The Mattress Topper


We do not normally replace mattresses, and our newly bought ones could last at least 5 years. However, we could change a mattress topper according to our needs. Today we discuss the versatile usages of mattress toppers and you might feel that imagination is never enough.

What is a mattress topper?

In short, the mattress topper is an extra buffer layer between the mattress and ourselves, especially when the mattress itself is too old or firm, or it is a rather hard spring mattress, then we rely on the mattress topper to change the game. A good mattress topper could soften the complete feel of the mattress, make your sleep deep and longer. 

Mattress toppers vary in thickness and sizes, we have covered this topic here in What is the Best Thickness for A Memory Foam Mattress Topper to explain how should you choose topper’s thickness.

In addition to adding comfort, toppers are also great choices for protection, avoiding the sweat penetrating all the way to the mattress and cause erosion. Topper are much cheaper and easier to replace, plus the diverse and practical usages, it looks perfect for a family buy.

How can you use a mattress topper?

Compared to mattresses, mattress topper is much easier and light to carry and use, the application of mattress toppers are rather extensive, considering it could be put on the floor, RV, sofa beds and guest bedroom besides our own bedrooms. 

On the floor

Mattress topper are most often used with bed bases and spring mattress to lift them off the ground, but in fact, you could directly put a topper on the floor, especially with the Newentor Topper when it has a non-slip base. This method saves time and space.

As the floor is flat and firm, it provides a good support for the topper, people with back pain might consider sleeping directly on the floor, it allegedly could ease spine pain or bending, but we do not recommend doing this for easing back pain. 

The spine needs a full around support for different body zones, the usual thickness of toppers could not provide relevant support to sufficiently decrease body pain. Consider the Hesperis Mattress when it comes to a body massage.

Parent-child outdoor time 

Children like to jump on the bed, which annoys most moms and dads. Put a mattress topper in the yard and let your child jump happily without worrying about the spring. 

Children have a wonderful imagination to turn everything into something. Or if they are busy running around and playing, you can relax on the mattress topper while still paying attention to them.

Is there anything better than a nap after playing? Mattress topper will be there for a perfect outdoor nap after play.

Pet time 

We are sure that you have thought of this if you got furry friends at home. Even the smell of you on the topper could provide them a sense of security and comfort.

Cutting the old mattress topper to the right size, putting it on the floor or in a basket, then covering it with a towel or blanket can make a good pet bed, for cats or dogs. 

Some dog trainers advise you to keep your pet away from your own bed to give them a sense of boundaries. 

They might just get used to making a comfort home on the mattress topper, or even a better one.    

Travel or temporary residence

Suppose your friends or relatives are coming to visit, and you are running short of guest bedrooms. Mattress toppers are you best help at this moment.

Same case when it comes traveling out and about in a RV for example, taking a mattress topper with you will improve experience in ways you would not expect. It is small, lightweight, and easy to carry. You can put it anywhere you find delight in.  

Luxury camping 

It's usually easier to camp in a tent. But who says toppers and tents are not best partners?

You are sure to think of carrying a power generator, some memory foam pillows, actually take our Morpheus Pillows, carpets, chairs, lights and torches.

But do not forget the toppers, it is the best removable and easily portable beds around, it keeps you charged at night and ready for new journeys every next day. 


It seems the usages are only limited by imagination, with its reasonable prices and versatile functions, the toppers give you flexibility to sleep anywhere, anytime.

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