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Newentor Memory Foam Pillow

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    Neck Pain & Back Pain?

    Have you ever experienced back, neck, and shoulder pain due to an inappropriate pillow?

    Bad Sleeping Postures

    Poor sleeping posture results in a bad sleep. A right pillow on the other hand, results in a naturally better posture.

    Decreased Living Standards

    Poor sleep means waking up tired and irritable. A good pillow helps you achieve the comfortable sleep you need.
  • The Perfect Pillow

    The adaptive memory foam layer could precisely supports your head and neck to ensure the optimal comfort and a pain-free sleep.

    Disappeared Neck and Back Pain

    Newentor pillows are designed to maintain the natural curve of the neck and spine.

    It alleviates pressure and reduces pain and discomfort.

    Snoring Gone With the Wind

    The Newentor pillow comes with two additional elevated memory foam pads.

    With a customized design to maintain the proper position of the head and neck, it promotes clear airways and reduces snoring.
    For Any Positions

    Side Sleepers

    Pillows need to be high enough to prevent the shoulders from sinking.

    Back Sleepers

    Feel the support in the curve of the pillow base, and feel free to experiment with the extra pads if needed.

    Freestyle Sleeper

    Adjust your pillow to find your preferred position. Most of our customers think the 14cm height is their favorite.

    Spine Support

    We designed three holes inside to contour your head, neck and spine.

    This is the science and attention to detail that you did not see.
    Ordinary pillow
    Traditional pillows are not designed for proper support,
    which means your spine can eventually form unnatural curves,
    often leading to pain, discomfort, and poor sleep quality
    Newentor Pillow
    Utilizes advanced memory foam technology
    to straighten and support your spine in its natural position,
    thereby improving sleep posture
    Why Newentor?

    Adjustable height

    Customize the pillow height with two additional memory foam pads of 2cm and 3cm.

    Cooling Modal Fiber Cover

    UltraDry technology dissipates moisture quickly and ensures a pleasantly cool, and dry sleeping experience.

    Breathable 3D Structure

    Unique 3D structure encourages heat and moisture to disperse from the pillow surface.


    Our CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified pillow has proudly passed the rigorous test for harmful chemicals, and met the top product safety standards, so you can relax knowing your loved family is snoozing safely.

    The Hidden Ergonomics
    The ergonomic design is hidden inside the pillow.
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    Removable Cooling Modal Fiber Cover

    UltraDry technology transports moisture away quickly
    and ensures a pleasantly cool, dry sleeping environment.
  • 2

    Breathable 3D Structure

    Unique 3D structure encourages heat and moisture to disperse from the pillow surface.
  • 3

    Gel Memory Foam

    This high-quality memory foam adjusts according to your body shape and weight
  • 4

    Adjustable Height Pads

    Two memory foam pads of 2cm and 3cm heights, providing four possible combinations for pillow height adjustments
  • #Happy Times

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How many types of heights does the pillow have?

    Four. The height of the pillow is very important for sleep, we provide two extra adjustable layers for you to achieve four types of heights. As you can see in the picture, there could be 9cm, 11cm, 12cm, and 14cm in total.

    How to clean the pillow?

    The Newentor Memory Foam pillow consists of a pillow core, an inner pillowcase, and an outer pillowcase. 

    Please note that only the outer pillowcase is removable and washable.

    Any chemical smell when first opened?

    This pillow is CertiPUR-US & OEKO-TEX certified for quality and safety, with no chemical smells.

    But memory foam does naturally have a little bit of a smell, which is completely harmless and should go away within a few hours after opening.

    The pillow itself is wrapped by the white cloth, why the inner cover can not be detached?

    We use the hypoallergenic and dust-proof venting inner cover to extend the life of the memory foam core effectively, that's why it's covered in white cloth.

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