Are Mattress Toppers a Waste of Money – 2022 Guide

Are Mattress Toppers a Waste of Money – 2022 Guide

While sleeping, just like while awake, we wish to indulge in the most comfortable possible accommodation. That’s why making a comfortable bed to sleep in is so important. When we clear the base comfort level, it’s natural to be on the lookout for new potential ways of keeping comfortable in the bed during both warm and cold months. In this endeavor, mattress toppers are a frequent source of potential improvement of our comfort and rest.

What are mattress toppers?

Mattress toppers are items that look simple on the outside yet represent properly made and tested items that enrich your sleeping experience. It is an item with huge potential for pressure relief and revitalization of old mattresses. This item is utilized by putting it on top of a mattress, as the name suggests. It will cover your bedding and make it far more enjoyable to use.

The mattress topper is often made out of materials that are far more comfortable than regular mattresses. These items have plentiful additional traits and benefits depending on the manufacturer. For example, the Newentor mattress topper is ECO-friendly and washable while also being able to provide all the benefits of other mattress toppers. With the gel memory foam and high resilience sponge layers, it can achieve a much better mix of supportive materials below your body. 

Differences between a mattress pad and a mattress topper

When purchasing items of this type, be careful not to mistake mattress toppers with mattress pads. While they do have some apparent differences it’s best to get acquainted with them regardless to avoid accidentally purchasing the wrong thing.

Mattress pads are slimmer

The mattress pads have one key distinction from the mattress toppers. These items are far slimmer than the toppers and may not provide the same feeling of “sinking” into the bed. In fact, the mattress pad’s key function is protection from mites, dust, and other problems that may affect your bed. The comfort isn’t exempt from being improved by a mattress pad. It’s easy to notice differences between a bed with a mattress pad and a bed that has none. While it’s a thin layer of extra comfort, it is a much-needed one for many uncomfortable beds and mattresses.

However, when you take a mattress topper you can note that it is far thicker. Its focus lies fully in providing comfort. The thick layer of comfortable surface can make even the roughest of mattresses great to sleep on. They can be so thick that they feel like a second mattress and really benefit those people who end up sleeping on very harsh beds. With mattress toppers, you will never get to feel that discomfort as your body will be above it.

Mattress topper supports your entire body

The mattress topper isn’t just comfortable to sleep in. It also affects your entire body in quite a favorable way. Those who sleep on pull-out sleeper sofas may know the feeling of awkward sleeping positions that end up hurting their whole body.

The use of mattress toppers assists you in soothing the effects of uncomfortable sleep from multiple sources. The first one is your shoulders, it will make sure they are comfortably sinking into the topper and not facing resistance that could cause pain. The lumbar area of your body will be nicely shaped over the mattress topper, which can reduce potential back pain and correct your form during sleep. Overall relief your back will experience shouldn’t be underestimated. Your calves and thighs will be well supported, resulting in a nicer shape of your body while you sleep. This can prevent cramps, unsteady sleep, and ease some sleep issues.

While a mattress pad could aid a bit in any of these areas, it is too thin to provide that good of support. It shouldn’t be used for anything that’s already too rough and uncomfortable. In these situations, it’s better to fully replace the mattress if possible.

Pros of using the mattress topper

We’ve already gone through a few pros of the mattress topper but let us reiterate and group them here. After all, knowing the benefits of an item makes it so much easier to utilize it in our own homes. Recognizing issues we experience can also help us purchase the correct solution for the problem.


This remains the most useful trait of the entire item. Comfort is something that shouldn’t be underestimated when picking out items for our bed. The choice of mattresses should already be a big deal for anybody seeking to have a good night’s rest. The older you get the more important this trait becomes. As we age we experience various problems with our body that can be mitigated with proper support.

Tidier bed

Cleaning a mattress topper is far easier than cleaning an actual mattress. You’ll know from experience just how difficult a mattress can be to clean. With mattress toppers, you’ll be able to wipe them clean in just a few minutes. This can heavily cut down the amount of time we spend on this task daily.

Easing hard beds

There will be times when we won’t be in a position to buy a whole new bed and have to use an uncomfortable one as our key source of rest. This can be incredibly problematic, especially for people who have an old and incredibly uncomfortable bed.

Prolongs the life of the mattress

Your mattress may have a long lifespan but it will eventually wear out. To slow this process down, a mattress topper can be used. With this item, we get the mattress protected from various endangering factors from the outside and as a result, get a resilient item with a good lifespan.


Considering the number of benefits covered above, it’s very clear that mattress toppers have their place in our household. However, it’s important to remember that outside of some situations where your bed is really uncomfortable you probably won’t require them. This doesn’t mean that they have no purpose, all of their benefits still stand, but sometimes the quality of your sleep can be solved in other ways.

On the other hand, if you wish for a cheaper way to upgrade your old bed or a piece of furniture you use as a bed, you’ll find mattress toppers invaluable. While mattress pads can fulfill their roles in some situations more often than not you’ll find those lacking.

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