Are Memory Foam Mattresses Safe for Babies?

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Safe for Babies?

Babies grow three times faster than usual when they are asleep. After the baby falls asleep, the pituitary gland at the bottom of the brain can secrete more growth hormone, which can promote growth. So it is crucial for babies to have a good night's sleep. 

What needs to be paid attention to let the baby achieve that? Let's analyze the common confusion of parents in the following. 

When can babies sleep with pillows?

Generally, newborns within one year of birth are not recommended to sleep on pillows. Using pillows too early may cause adverse effects on newborns. The pressure on the baby's neck affects blood circulation, normal breathing, and swallowing, which may cause death in the worst situation.

The spine of the newborn is straight and has not yet formed a physiological curvature. When lying down, the baby's back and the back of the head are on the same plane, which will help them relax. Sleeping on a pillow can cause muscle tension and lead to a stiff neck.

The newborn's head is large, almost equal to the shoulder width, and pillows are not required for flat sleep and side sleep.

The neck of the newborn is very short, and if the head is raised by the pillow, it is easy to form a curvature of the head and neck, which affects the breathing and swallowing for the babies, and even leads to accidents.

Are memory foam mattress toppers safe for babies?

Generally, memory foam mattresses may have a bad effect on babies because they may get suffocated. But let's see how Newentor Hesperis Mattress might make a difference.

Memory foam sinks

Choose a mattress that fits perfectly with your crib to ensure your baby doesn't get caught in the gaps. Regular memory foam mattresses don't meet this standard, as it is dangerous for the memory foam to sink if your baby rolls over on his tummy. 

Newentor has adopted 3 layers of firm memory foam to ensure you have the flexibility to adjust the mattress design to your baby's needs and to fit their body. The Newentor memory foam mattress is designed for optimal support and will only respond to your child's weight, combined with a zero spring design, an extremely comfortable and soft firm mattress is here.

Memory foam is too hot

One of the main drawbacks of memory foam mattresses is that they provide a warm sleeping surface because memory foam tends to store body heat. It may feel uncomfortable if you're an adult, but it may be very dangerous if it is used for a baby! 

Now, there is no risk of overheating with Newentor. This is because it has a breathable hood that provides unparalleled freshness while being extremely soft, and they use quality materials. In addition to this, the mesh around the mattress is designed for better ventilation and your baby will always sleep at the optimum temperature!

Memory foam chemicals are bad for babies

All Newentor mattresses comply with national safety regulations and are completely safe for children and adults. You can use it with confidence. We provide you 120 nights to try our bedding products at home, if you don’t like it, you can contact the customer service for a refund.

Safe sleep habits for babies

Sleeping position is very important for a baby, a correct sleeping position can keep your baby safe and comfortable. So what kind of sleeping position is suitable for our baby's sleep?

Sleep on back

Newborn babies can't sleep on their backs, because babies will spit up after they are born, and sleeping on their backs can easily lead to suffocation.

Sleep on stomach

Inexperienced parents generally believe that babies sleeping on their stomachs can easily hinder their breathing and cause suffocation. In fact, newly born newborns have the ability to defend themselves. When sleeping on his stomach with his face to one side, he instinctively sticks his nose and mouth out and breathes comfortably. 

Sleeping on the stomach helps their chest and lungs grow and develop. Because the baby's chest compresses the bed when lying down, the reaction force of the bed can massage their chest, which can improve lung capacity. If the baby spits up milk, it will flow out along the corner of the mouth, and will not suffocate because the vomit is sucked into the trachea.

Sleep on side

The side sleeping position is very suitable for babies' sleep because the side sleeping position can prevent the risk of suffocation after the baby spits up, and the side sleeping can also bring our baby a sense of security. 

But when our baby is lying on the side, we should pay attention to balance, because if sleep on one side, It is easy to cause asymmetrical development on both sides of the face, as well as a crooked head, which will affect the appearance. 

It is best to use the right side to sleep, which can avoid the compression of the heart. Especially after feeding, the baby should lie on the right side, which is conducive to the smooth entry of the food in the stomach into the intestines.


When a one- to two-month-old baby is sleeping, parents should watch by the side. Why? Because the baby's neck muscles are very weak during this period, they can't lift their heads when spitting up, and they are prone to suffocation. So during this time, we must take good care of our baby to prevent danger.

Baby's sleeping environment should be harmless

What does ‘harmless’ mean? Staying away from pillows, comforters, quilts, crib bumpers, stuffed animals, and any other objects that will hurt the baby. 

Do not use paddings such as sheepskin, lamb wool, soft or loose bedding, or soft mattress covers. Babies can suffocate by rolling into these objects or being covered by them. 

You should also completely remove the plastic wrapping from your mattress, and always make sure the mattress is fit. Also check for any loose, dangling wires or cords near the crib. These things could strangle your child. Just remember to take good care of your baby.


Taking care of babies requires great care because babies are so fragile. Although it is very tiring, you will feel very happy to see such a small life thrive. Learn more about parenting, let your baby eat and sleep well, This is also a way to make yourself easier. With Newentor mattress and pillows, we are confident to provide you and your family a quality sleep environment.

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