Better Sleep With The Newentor Mattress Topper - A Customer Review

Newentor Mattress Topper Customer Review

Having lived in furnished, rental properties for the last 3-4 years I have experienced one very uncomfortable, too soft mattress that would sink in the middle and then moved, on to a very firm mattress.

I thought the firm was for me and getting sore shoulders and hips was just part of getting older! But since having the Newentor Mattress Topper, I realized the firmness of the mattress wasn't letting my natural body contours relax and I was constantly tense in my sleep.

To be honest, when I first laid it out, I thought 'Oh no, this is going to be way too soft for me!' But after just one night on the 3 layered memory foam, I realized just what I had been missing! As time has gone on I now wake up free, especially in my shoulders and my hips. I am sleeping longer and feeling more refreshed in the morning.

I never realized just how important good support while you sleep is! I only wish I'd experienced it years ago! Newentor also understands that bedding is a hard thing to buy without trying so they offer a 120-night trial and also free shipping Australia-wide.

Their products are safe and environmentally friendly with no toxic or harmful chemicals which is a must for my family, especially with little ones sharing the bed! Newentor offers a range of sleep better products. Mattresses and mattress toppers single to super king and 4 sizes of their memory foam pillow. They will be my future go-to for all bedding requirements! Meanwhile, I'll be dreaming of that super king mattress!

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