Does Placing A Pillow Between Your Legs Help You Sleep

how to use a pillow

Do you ever feel tired after a long time of sleep? This has a lot to do with sleeping posture. The human spine is S-shaped, so no matter whether you sleep on your back or on your side you need a pillow to balance your body. Otherwise, it is easy to cause pressure on the spine or joints and cause back pain after waking up.

How to use the pillow correctly?

When sleeping, most people are accustomed to putting a pillow under the head, just to make the head a little higher, which will feel a lot more comfortable. Some people are accustomed to not using pillows, and their heads will be tilted back when they sleep. The pressure on the cervical spine is twice as high as that when they are tilted forward. In the long run, there will be problems.

This is because our cervical spine is in a "C shape", which is fragile at the junction with the head. After falling asleep at night, the human body is unconscious. If the cervical spine is under too much pressure for a long time, it is easy to feel tired and affects the normal blood circulation, so it is necessary to put a pillow to cushion it.

The correct position to place the pillow is not exactly under the head, but in the part where the cervical vertebrae connect with the head.

If the pillow is placed on the upper part of the back of the head, the head pressure will compress the cervical spine and even the throat, resulting in dyspnea. If the pillow is placed too close to the neck, the head will lean back.

The force point should be at the junction of the cervical spine and brain, in this way, the pillow helps you sleep comfortably, is conducive to the blood circulation of the head, and smooths your breath.

How to tell it is in the right place?

When lying on your back, if the lowest point of the chin is toward the ceiling, it means the pillow is too low. If the chin points to your body, the pillow is too high. The chin should remain level, which is a comfortable and correct pillow height. The same goes for side sleepers. It is necessary to ensure that the cervical spine and the spine are in line as a whole. If not, it is very likely to lead to other diseases.

Where else can pillows be placed on the body?

What we want to talk about here is that in addition to placing the pillow under the head and neck, the waist, it can also be placed between the legs

People usually don't keep the same sleeping position at night, they often need to change left and right. In fact, the left-right exchange can be conducive to human blood circulation. However, for side sleepers, the legs are not so comfortable, especially in summer. When the two legs are put together, it is not only hot but also easy to pad the bones, which may cause insomnia.

How to use a pillow for side sleepers

The best sleeping position for the human body is sleeping on the side. First, lie on the right side. Because the heart is located on the left side, lying on the right side can reduce the pressure of the human body on the heart, which is beneficial to protect the heart. The second is the left side, because our stomach is slightly biased to the right side, and there is often some food in the stomach, so the burden will be larger, and sleeping on the left side can reduce the pressure on the stomach.

Put the pillow between your thighs

When sleeping on one side, the other side of the body will be under great pressure, especially the legs. Placing the pillow between the two thighs can greatly relieve the pressure on the body, especially the pressure on the waist, which can help relieve the pressure on the lumbar spine and protect the health of the lumbar spine.

In addition, if you press the knee of one leg against the other one for a long time, the blood circulation of the knee will be easily hindered. At this time, putting a pillow on the knee can help relieve the pressure on the knee and promote blood circulation in the knee, which is also helpful for people's sleep and health.

Women like to sleep on their side, which will make them feel more secure, but the private parts are not breathable, so putting a pillow on the knees can help, and there is no need to worry about some gynecological problems. Women are thinner, and it is uncomfortable to sleep with their knees together. A pillow between the legs can make them sleep more comfortably, and it can also help prevent cervical spondylosis or lumbar spondylosis.

Put the pillow between your calves

It is hard to find a comfortable posture to put the legs in sometimes. This is because the legs need to bear the weight of the entire body, so the muscles are often in a tight state and feel very tired. In addition, the feet are the farthest from the heart, and the blood circulation is not particularly smooth.

Especially when sleeping at night, if you stay in one position for too long, you will feel uncomfortable. At this time, you need to place a small pillow between the calf with a height is about a fist to promote blood circulation.

How to use the pillow for back sleepers?

Many people will have symptoms of lumbar spine pain due to a day of work sitting at the office. At night, if you lie down on the bed, the pressure on the lumbar spine will continue to increase. you can put a pillow under the calf, it effectively relaxes the muscles, relieves muscle fatigue, and promote the venous return of the lower extremities, which is conducive to the recovery of those working consequence.

Especially for people who have lumbar spine problems such as lumbar disc herniation, sleeping like this at night can help relieve the pressure on the waist and help improve the problems of the lumbar spine.


In addition to maintaining the correct sleeping position and protecting your joints, spine, and other parts while sleeping, you also need to pay attention to your sleeping posture.

It is recommended that you change your posture as much as possible and maintain a correct and healthy sleeping posture, which is helpful to fall asleep.

The level of sleep quality determines the state of human health. It is particularly important to create a comfortable sleep environment., a small pillow plays a great role.

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