How Do You Make A Stiff Mattress Softer?

How Do You Make A Stiff Mattress Softer?

After a long day of work, there’s nothing better than sinking onto a soft mattress to wind down. It’s thrilling to get a new mattress since it improves your sleep quality.

However, one of the common problems of shifting to a new one is sleeping problems which bereft you of your good night’s sleep. It’s not uncommon for people to wake up in the morning with back issues. They need to be re-evaluated as a result of this.

If the new one you have purchased is stiff, you’ll probably need to find a means to turn it soft enough to have a peaceful sleep on it. We’re sure you’ve already tried a few things, but you still haven’t received the results you were hoping for.

There’s nothing to be concerned about! This article comes to your rescue. To firm up your recently purchased item, you don’t have to invest a great deal of cash.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the basics to take your purchased item to the level of firmness you want. In addition, a Newentor mattress might provide even greater comfort. After a long day, a good night’s sleep may be achieved by following a few easy procedures. You can make it soft by following a few simple steps.

Try heating it up first

Memory foam, say, for example, is quite sensitive to changes in temperature. There are various alternatives present on the market. As your body temperature rises, the material softens, allowing it to conform to your body’s natural contours.

Even if just the topmost layer is composed of memory foam, increasing the bed’s temperature in any way would soften it. To keep the item warm, you should maintain your room temperature somewhere between 66 and 67 degrees, or you may also use the flannel sheets that are offered.

Inspect its foundation frequently

Even if you’re in the market for a new one, don’t forget to get the foundation checked. Putting a new one on the same old box, for example, will not provide the intended outcomes.

In addition, you won’t receive the help you’re looking for. Additionally, a sagging one is a consequence of the item being too soft. This may happen because of a lack of proper support.

The slats on top of a memory foam item should be no more than three inches apart if you are interested in this choice. It doesn’t hold up as well when the slats are too far apart, making the mattress seem softer more quickly.

Breaking it down can help

If you’re having trouble sleeping on your new bed, give your body some time to get used to it. Because of this, it is common for a new mattress’s platform to feel a little firm at first. The mattress also needs time to adapt to your body’s contours and become soft. After a few weeks of regular usage, the mattress will soften and conform to your body’s unique needs.

These items have varied break-in periods, therefore manufacturers suggest that purchasers sleep on the new ones for at least thirty nights before making a final decision. You may speed up the mattress’s break-in process by using it every day for the first several days. Your new Newmentor mattress will be soft and comfortable in less than a week.

Think about using plywoods instead of MDF

Consider placing thin plywood right beneath your mattress if you want to increase its firmness quickly after purchasing it. Bunkies, the common name for the bed’s boards, are readily accessible on the market.

You can also find them at various home improvement shops. It will receive a lot of support from them, and as a result, it will grow a lot firmer.

It’s possible to help by flipping

Overuse may lead to the formation of soft areas in your mattress. As a result of this, they soften in certain areas, yet stay hard in others. You can avoid sags of all types by flipping or turning the mattress.

Flipping it implies you’ll have to flip it over while rotating means that the section that was previously under your head will now be under your legs.

This further ensures that the item is used equitably. You can contact the customer care representative of your specific mattress firm to see whether it can be flipped, but keep in mind that different items are made by different manufacturers and thus have different characteristics.

Flipping it is also beneficial since it ensures that both of its surfaces are well used, preventing misuse in one region.

Get toppers installed

If you want to adjust their firmness, you may want to consider purchasing a topper. Generally, these toppers range in thickness from two to four inches and are installed on top of these items to alter their firmness.

While toppers are a terrific way to soften a hard mattress, they are unable to prevent a sagging bed from sinking any further.

They come in a variety of forms, including memory foam, latex, wool, or any other kind of mattress. The firmness of the item is influenced by the density as well as the strength of the material.

You should constantly evaluate the hardness and softness of the toppers before making a purchase.

Sheets that fit your needs

Be sure to tuck the sheets in all the way after you’re finished making the bed. When purchasing fitted sheets, be sure that the pockets are deep enough to match the mattress’s depth.

There should be no additional room left in the items so that it doesn’t become crumbled while the bed is in use.


Beds in our homes are the most comfortable corner of the entire space. Having said that, we always recommend going for a healthy life mattress available, so that you don’t have to suffer from backaches or other similar issues.

On the contrary, an uncomfortable mattress deteriorates the quality of sleep and also impacts your productivity throughout the day.

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