How to Choose a Cot Mattress for Your Baby?

How to Choose a Cot Mattress for Your Baby?

Newborn babies spend almost every day sleeping. The doctor told us that babies born 0-1 month should sleep at least 20 hours a day! After six months, it is gradually reduced to 14-16 hours a day. This shows how important a mattress is for the baby. So how to choose a comfortable, healthy, high-quality, and cost-effective baby mattress?

What makes a cot mattress Important to the baby

Infancy is the most vigorous period of growth and development in a person's life, babies grow and develop very fast at this stage of sleep. The baby's body is soft, a little carelessness may lead to stunted growth. Therefore, things used by babies should have higher standards and should be different from those used by adults.

A comfortable cot mattress is very important for a baby's growth and development. Many people may think that softness is comfort. In fact, for newborns, choosing a mattress should not only focus on its comfort but also pay attention to whether it has a positive effect on the baby's bone growth. 

The baby's sleep quality is closely related to their body development. Therefore, to ensure the baby's high-quality sleep, the first thing is to create a comfortable sleep environment for the baby. 

The main function of the cot mattress is to support the body, prevent the deformation of the baby's spine, relax the baby's limbs, promote blood circulation, and so on, so as to ensure the healthy development of the baby. 

What to look for when buying a cot mattress?

After the baby is born, the head will be deformed a little after sleeping for a long time. At this time, parents often correct the sleeping position of the baby. What causes a baby's head to deform?

In addition to the fact that babies prefer the same sleeping position, what is more important is that babies sleep on mattresses and pillows. Either a firm mattress or a soft mattress is not suitable for the baby's physical condition.

What kind of mattress is suitable for the baby? What should we pay attention to when choosing a cot mattress?

Choose a safe cot mattress

No matter what brand of cot mattress you choose, safety is always the first priority for the baby. You must know that natural and healthy products for the baby are the most important, so take a good check on the mattress you plan to buy. It is very important whether the pad has a quality inspection label. It is too late to regret it because some cheap and potentially dangerous mattress hurt the baby.

Some mattresses made of chemical fillers or waste materials are even more undesirable. And some mattresses are made of waste materials and recycled materials cannot confirm their environmental protection and safety only from their appearance. 

It is necessary to open the zipper and check the material of the mattress. Don't just feel troublesome, because it is very important to choose a mattress, it will accompany the baby through many days and nights, so the safety, environmental protection, and health of materials are important conditions for choosing a cot mattress.

Choose the firmness of a cot mattress

No matter what type of mattress you choose for the baby, firmness is the most important property after safety, and it is better to choose a mattress with moderate firmness.

The spine of the human body is not a straight line but a slight "S"-shaped curve, and it is not enough to rely on hard objects such as wooden boards to support the human body. A mattress that is too soft is easy to fall down when sleeping, and it is difficult for the baby to turn over. If the baby's spine lacks support, which may cause a "hunchback" for a long time

A firm mattress cannot support all parts of the body well, not to mention uncomfortable sleeping, it will also cause compression on the spine, resulting in spinal damage. Especially in developing infants and young children, once the spine is damaged, it will not only affect the length and appearance of the body but also affect the development of internal organs more seriously.    

A mattress that is too soft and too hard is not conducive to the growth and development of your baby's bones, so you must choose a mattress with moderate hardness for your child.

Check the details of a cot mattress

It is necessary to observe the quality of the cover. The baby is in a critical period of physical development, parents can have rest only when they are sleeping. 

How to observe the mattress cover is mainly divided into three aspects, composition, touch feeling, and workmanship. Look at the materials, mainly to understand whether the materials used in the mattress cover are natural and safe. 

It is best to choose a mattress with an anti-mite function. The baby's skin is sensitive, and problems such as eczema and itchy skin can be well avoided. It is mainly necessary to observe whether the wiring is flat and fine and whether there is a problem with the wire or jumper. Because the workmanship of a mattress can fully reflect the quality of the mattress.

The best way to know if the cot mattress will deform and whether it is durable is to see if there are reinforcements around the mattress. Because the reinforcement device can better stabilize the shape of the cot mattress and control its elasticity for a long time, a cot mattress without a reinforcement design is easy to misshapen. 

Check the support core of a cot mattress

The support core is the crucial part of a mattress and the part that reflects the value of the mattress.

What is the best material for a cot mattress? 

There are several types of cot mattresses: sponge, spring, palm, and latex. Different mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages. Be as good as possible when choosing. Let's take a look at the various materials of cot mattresses!

Latex mattress: good ventilation, good elasticity, no vibration, and noise; too soft, it is inconvenient for the baby to turn over.

Palm mattress: better ventilation and heat dissipation; slightly firmer, the baby may not be very comfortable.

Sponge mattress: relatively light, soft, and very convenient; compared with other mattresses, it is easier to deform and not durable.

Spring mattress: large internal space, better air permeability, stronger and more durable; bulky, poor moisture absorption, uncertain firmness 

Another thing worth noting is the thickness of the support core. The thickness of the mattress is generally only 5-7CM, and it is a very good mattress that can achieve more than 7CM. 


Different cot mattresses have different functions. For babies, buying a cot mattress is very beneficial for their growth and development. When buying a cot mattress, no matter what kind of mattress you choose, just one thing to make sure – the cot mattress fits your baby and is safe to use.

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