How to Tell If Your Mattress is Causing Back Pain

How to Tell If Your Mattress is Causing Back Pain

Sleeping is a very pleasant thing to do, but that might not be the case for everyone. Some people could feel tired as they sleep, often waking up with backache and general discomfort.

They might have carried out regular exercise and eat healthy food, but waking up with an ache is not your fault, it might be your mattress to blame.

What are the signs and symptoms of a mattress problem?

First, identify with yourself whether you have any chronic diseases that may cause physical pain, such as frozen shoulder, fasciitis, etc. If not, it can be preliminarily judged that there is a problem with the mattress. Here are some manifestations of the problem with the mattress:

Wake up with back pain

When waking up in the morning, if your body feels sore, it might be that your mattress is too old or too new.

A mattress suitable for you can relax your body and mind and recover your physical strength quickly; On the contrary, an unsuitable mattress will imperceptibly affect your health.

keep short sleeping time

If you wake up in the morning at a different time than you used to, for example: now you wake up earlier than a year ago, there is a serious problem with your mattress. Sleep imbalance, that is, insufficient body balance during sleep, will lead to local pain. Excessive single force point leads to excessive pressure on the back, poor blood circulation, and muscle compression on the back. In short, the uneven zoning of the mattress leads to back pain and fatigue after waking up.

If the mattress is used for too long, it will reduce comfort, deform the internal structure, and can not correctly support your body, which will even cause lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, and other spinal diseases.

Fall asleep with difficulty

Many people have complained that, for some unknown reason, it is difficult to fall asleep while lying on the bed at night, which directly affects normal work and life the next day. there are two reasons, self-factors: irregular sleep, interference from electronic devices, high pressure in life and work, interference from caffeine, and so on. Another factor is our sleeping environment. Your home, your bedroom, and the mattress you sleep on every day. In fact, a good mattress can help you improve your sleeping condition, smooth blood circulation, and fall asleep easily.

The bed is uneven

If you roll on the bed and find that your body is obviously sunken, or you always feel that the bed is not flat, this indicates that the mattress is out of function. Many mattresses will deform over time, just like sports shoes. If you wear them for a long time, the support system of the shoes will be broken and will not function as it should. Such mattresses cannot support the body in a balanced manner, and deform the human spine, especially the elderly will cause joint pain, and children will cause bone deformation.

Wake up in the middle of the night

If you always wake up naturally at two or three o’clock in the evening and then fall asleep slowly after waking up, and you have been unable to sleep well and have a headache. It means the mattress should be replaced because you couldn't find any other reason. A good mattress can improve your sleep quality so that you can sleep less than eight hours a day.

The bed makes a strange noise

When sleeping, you can hear the sound of the bed by turning over, which is particularly harsh on quiet nights. The squeaking sound of the mattress is generally caused by the damage to the spring. Due to improper use or the expiration of the service life, the material and structure of the mattress are damaged, resulting in the inability to support the body weight. Such a mattress can no longer be used.

Frequent dreams, even nightmares

Relevant reports pointed out that nightmares are not only related to people's psychological state but also have a certain relationship with mattresses. If the mattresses cause pressure on people, the probability of nightmares will be greatly increased. A good mattress uses a comfortable inner core and high-quality springs to give consumers a good sleep and a good dream.

Itchy skin

If you are troubled by inexplicable yellow bubbles, redness, itching, and other skin problems, it is likely that you are paying for a cheap and poor mattress. You may buy it because of your limited budget, or you may be cheated by unscrupulous merchants. In short, you need to replace a mattress with a qualified one. Because inferior mattresses are usually not treated with anti-mites, mites can cause skin itching, acne, acne, allergic dermatitis, acute and chronic urticaria, and other skin diseases.

All these have seriously affected our daily sleep. Poor sleep usually leads to back pain after getting up, so we all need a good mattress to help us have healthy sleep. A good mattress needs to meet several standards. Durability, comfort, silence, breathable and environmental-friendly. Please refer to another blog - How to Shop for A New Mattress and How to Make Your Mattress Last Longer.

When to replace and how to maintain your mattress?

In fact, if used properly, it can extend the life of the mattress. According to the characteristics of the spring mattress, in the first year of use of the new mattress, you can change the front and back or the orientation every 2 to 3 months, so that the spring of the mattress is evenly stressed, and it needs to be reversed twice a year. If it is found to be damaged or the elasticity is reduced, consider replacing the mattress. If there is no damage, a new mattress should be replaced every 5-7 years.

In addition, bacteria and dust mites will enter the bottom layer of the mattress over time. The best way is to use a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp rag to clean the residual dander, hair, etc. on the mattress when changing the covers and sheets. If the mattress is stained, you can also use soap to smear the dirty area, and then wipe it with a cloth, the mattress must be dried quickly, so as not to mold and smell.

When choosing a mattress, you can also buy one with a cover, which is generally equipped with a pull lock to facilitate disassembly and cleaning. If possible, you can also add a layer of cleaning pad between the mattress and the sheet, which can not only prevent moisture from entering the mattress, keep it clean and dry, but also easy to clean.


Most of our life is spent in bed, there is no need to emphasize the importance of a good night's sleep. sleeping comfort is directly related to our sleep quality and affects our daily life. So we might as well check our mattresses according to the above method, or simply buy Newentor memory foam mattresses and be happy with them.

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