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Australia Mattress Sizes Guide

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Finding a suitable mattress is important for having a good night sleep; Nevertheless, people usually ignore the importance of mattress sizes. Depth, height and width are more than just numbers of product details - they lay a foundation to suit you and improve your sleeping quality.

Australian mattress sizes meet the needs of all sleeping situations, including newborns, teenagers, single adults, couples and families.

Choose a perfect mattress size for you

Here are seven commonly available mattress sizes in Australia.

Long Single
King Single
Super King


Which mattress size to choose?

• Single size bed dimensions 92cm*188cm

Ideal for toddlers, children, teenagers and even adult

At 92cm x 188cm, it's pretty versatile and suited for kids bedrooms, small spaces, apartments, as well as sleepovers and studio living. 

(It's the most cost-effective option and also provides the most available recreational space for the room. Perfect size in the right circumstance.)

• Long single size bed dimensions 92cm*203cm

Ideal for tall people and individuals requiring additional length to a "Single Size."

If you need extra length on your single mattress – but space restricts the choice of the king single, a "long single" is perfect for you. At 92cm x 203cm, it's 16cm longer than a single mattress.

• King single size bed dimensions 107cm*203cm

Ideal for growing kids, teens, big kids, and mature single sleepers

The king single dimensions are 107cm x 203cm, being both wider and longer than a standard single size, with the equivalent length of the queen and king size. It fits into most bedrooms and also effectively retains precious living space.

• Double size bed dimensions 137cm*188cm

Ideal for two adults, growing teens, and young adults moving out of home for the first time

It's a common bed size in Australia, being suitable for most of the bedrooms. Having the same length (188cm) as single, you could consider the queen if you're a taller person. The double size mattress is also known as a full bed.

• Queen size bed dimensions 153cm*203cm

Ideal for couples of all ages, parents with kids, individuals wanting more space

The queen size is the most popular in Australia, with around 60% of Australians sleeping on it. It's comfortable for two adults but not taking up your entire room like a king size. The length (203cm) is the same as a king and wider and longer than a double.

• King size bed dimensions 183cm*203cm

Ideal for couples or individuals who prefer optimal and undisturbed sleep

You might find the king size mattresses in luxury hotels because it provides generous sleep area. Furthermore, it makes sure that you, your partner, kids, doggy, and maybe catty have adequate space and enjoy lying on the bed.

• Super King size bed dimensions 203cm*203cm

Ideal for the luxurious sleepers

As the largest mattress size, the super king size mattress provides much more sleeping space, and it's perfect for large families who may like to enjoy bedtimes together. With a vast size, it also requires a large room to be placed in. 

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing mattress sizes. I hope the information above is helpful for you. If there are more questions about mattresses from you or you're eager to choose an ideal one for you, welcome to contact us.

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