Memory Foam Pillow Benefits

Newentor Memory Foam Pillow Benefits

What is memory foam?

Choosing furniture for your bedroom is quite important. If you've been in the market for it, you've probably heard the term "Memory Foam".

First designed in the 1960s by NASA to keep astronauts safe, the memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that has been combined with chemicals to make it viscose and elastic. It's shock-absorbing and pressure-relieving, which means it can contour to our body smoothly when pressure is applied and regain its shape slowly once the pressure has been removed.

With those characteristics, the memory foam has also been used as material in shoes, helmets, wheelchair seating pads, and bedroom furniture - Pillow, Mattress, Mattress Topper.

After understanding what is memory foam, you might like to know more about why to choose a Memory foam Pillow?

Here are the benefits of memory foam pillow:

1. Contouring and support

As we've known, the memory foam can contour to match our body closely, including head and neck, and that's precisely the reason why the memory foam pillow offers Good Support.

2. Good pressure point relief

With the function of slow rebound, the memory foam will sink because of the gravity, release pressure, and change according to the shape until the pressure has been released completely. It makes an excellent pillow for people with pressure points in the neck, shoulders, and back area.

3. Spine alignment

Since Memory Foam can support the neck and relieve the pressure, it keeps your cervical spine aligned correctly in a Natural State, protect your neck and shoulder from hanging, recover your muscles under complete relaxation.


The Memory foam pillow is composed of Polyurethane foam, a hypoallergenic material that repels the growth of bacteria, leading to molds, dust mites, and pet dander.

People who suffer from allergies should really consider memory foam pillows.


memory foam pillow


More than your expectations

In addition to the above advantages, The Newentor Memory Foam Pillow provides more benefits.

We significantly cut the memory foam into 40 Independent Cushions, which allows the pillow to cradle the neck, shoulder, back and head much more precisely, bringing you pain relief sleeping and improve sleeping ailments such as snoring.

Furthermore, Unlike ordinary memory foam pillows, we innovate a 2-Sided Design - Memory Foam Side & High Elastic Foam Side to provide different firmness and make sure both back and side sleeper find a Suitable One!

Memory Foam Side & High Elastic Foam Side



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