The Best Cooling Mattress in 2022: Cool Beds for Hot Sleepers

The Best Cooling Mattress in 2022

For many people, summer is a tough season, not to mention those who are not used to the air conditioner, and it is even more sweltering at night. Scientific report shows that people can sleep better when their body temperature is lower. 

In the hot summer, ordinary mattresses cannot remove the waste heat released by the human body due to insufficient air permeability, and even rebound the heat to the body, affecting the quality of sleep.

Therefore, when choosing a mattress, we must consider heat dissipation, mattresses with good heat dissipation can help people to get rid of the sultry heat in summer and achieve a night of comfortable sleep.

So, how can you choose a high-quality cooling mattress for summer?

What is a cooling mattress?

The mattress won't let you cool down directly. It's not the air conditioner that reduces your body’s temperature through external influence, whether your mattress can help you keep cool depends on the materials it uses, and there are many changes in this regard. 

Mattresses made of breathable materials are the most effective way to keep cool, while mattresses with higher density and more synthetic materials will be warmer.

What keeps the mattress cool?

The main functions of mattresses vary from different materials. The main purchase direction is what kind of experience consumers want. The following are common mattresses materials with good heat dissipation

Spring: with good air permeability and impact resistance, it is durable but bulky. Both bagged spring mattresses and mixed mattresses can improve the airflow between coils, which means better air permeability and cool night sleep.

Latex: the opening design of latex foam allows airflow and air permeability, environmental comfort, and the exhaust holes on the mattress surface can discharge excess heat from the body to promote the energy circulation of the body and make the sleep more comfortable.

Wool: This is a precious textile material. In terms of heat regulation, natural materials are usually better than synthetic materials. Wool has the natural function of keeping warm, locking temperature, ventilating and comfortable, giving the whole mattress a gentle touch. It is comfortable and warm in winter and cool in summer.

What about memory foam?

Because it retains body heat, memory foam has become a poor choice for hot sleepers. However, you shouldn't be too quick to completely write off the memory foam.

The reason why the memory foam mattress can completely fit the body curve of the human body lies in its unique open cell structure, which allows it to change the hardness of the mattress according to the different temperatures it senses - when the temperature is low, it will be relatively hard, and when the temperature is high, it will be relatively soft;

Depending on the temperature, it will provide support with suitable hardness. Since the material is an open-cell structure, it ensures the excellent breathability of the memory foam mattress.

Many modern memory foam mattresses use open-cell foam in the comfort layer to improve breathability. Even better, many foam mattresses are hybrid, which combines the benefits of foam with the breathability and airflow of a spring layer.

For example, the gel memory foam mattress rebounds very slowly after being pressed, and the pressure can be effectively decomposed at just the right time.

The gel layer has no electricity to cool down, allowing the mattress to cool down naturally, making the body cool as water, and accelerating the entry into a deep sleep.

How to choose a cooling mattress?

First to see the breathability.

Mattresses used in summer need to be highly breathable because the body will generate hot air when it is overheated. If the air permeability of the mattress is poor, the space of the mattress will not be circulated, and the more you sleep, the hotter you will feel, and it will be difficult to sleep well.

The second is to see if the mattress has anti-mite and insect-repellent functions.

Summer is the peak period for the breeding and reproduction of mites and mosquitoes. If they multiply on the mattress, it will be a big allergen.

The third point is supportive.

If the supporting force is not strong enough, it may not be able to support a heavier person, and it is easy to collapse when sitting on it, and it will also shorten the service life of the mattress.

The fourth step, look at the mattress brand.

From the aspects of the material, environmental protection, air permeability, efficacy, etc., it is recommended that you choose a mattress of a worth-trusting brand

Best cooling mattress all year around

We recommend this sleepy and cool gel memory foam mattress for everyone, intelligent temperature control without electricity cooling, about 1.5-2 degrees lower than the human body temperature, helping to quickly enter deep sleep; refreshing sleep feeling, say goodbye to sweating, so you can sleep well all night. 

The Newentor Hesperis Mattress is a full foam mattress with 3 firm memory foam layers and a cool touch cover. The bottom layer is a non-slip layer of backing material that prevents the mattress from moving. 

Above the base layer is a support layer made of 16cm thick high-density foam, this combination should provide the support needed to prevent the sleepers from sinking too deep. 

At the same time, the needle core hole of the mattress allows air to flow freely through all mattress layers to provide the best air permeability and body temperature. Let's say goodbye to night sweats. 

On top of the support, is a high-density Q-Stretch 2cm foam with high resilience density that makes the cushion soft and doesn't collapse, giving the body more support when lying down and getting up.

Use OEKO-TEX certified coconut fiber skin-friendly fabric as the cover, which contains 25% coconut fiber, which can carry heat away from the body. High temperature forged bamboo fiber textile has negative ion permeability, antibacterial and anti-mite, and purifies the sleeping environment. The lid combines with gel in memory foam to help prevent overheating. 

Under the cover is a soft and comfortable 4cm memory gel that allows the body to experience zero pressure. The polymer hydrogel on the surface is in a jelly-like semi-fluid form. It outputs a stable and smooth support force from all angles, and the whole body gravity is released naturally and evenly. so that the fatigue is deeply resolved, and it is easy to fall asleep.

The gel layer attached to the comfort layer of the mattress is like a cool water polo, wrapped around it to cool down naturally. It should be noted that when you first sleep on this mattress, you can feel the refreshing coolness of the gel, which can continuously help the mattress to maintain a temperature at least 1.5 degrees lower than the room temperature.

Combined with zero spring design to ensure that you can flexibly adjust the mattress according to your needs. The comfort layer can be switched into different combinations to provide you with a flexible sleep experience. We cut the mattress into 7 ergonomic parts to accurately support different pressure points of the body - head, shoulders, waist, hips, thighs, lower thighs, and feet so that your spine can stretch at ease.

Is there anything else to consider?

The comfort of the mattress may be highly subjective, so you may not necessarily have the same experience as us. However, many mattresses have a family trial period. If you are not satisfied with the mattress, you can return the mattress at the end of the trial period for a refund. (Newentor gives you a free trial of 120 nights to make up your mind.)

Although it is important for a hot sleeper, the cooling performance of the mattress is not the only factor to be considered. There are many factors to consider before buying a new mattress. For you to make the right decision, we recommend that you check some of our other mattress purchase guides.


After having a breathable and cool mattress, even the hot summer can't stop us from a deep sleep, and we can spend every night in summer easily and comfortably. Of course, mattresses are not everything. Summer is here, people will try every way to escape the heat. 

Cooling mattresses are just a way to escape the heat and make our sleep more comfortable. If you are in an environment where it is too hot to fall asleep, you still need to turn on the air conditioner.

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