What's the Best Mattress for Bodybuilders

 Best Mattress for Bodybuilders

A good rest is essential for physically active people. A mattress that reduces pressure in your most sensitive areas can help you recover overnight and be fully charged for the next day. Therefore, investing in a good mattress and good sleep is worth all the investigation. 

Some mattresses are made for people in this group. The mattress is constructed with pressure-relieving comfort layers and supporting materials that do not sag, and innovative covers for pain relief after a tough day.

In this article, we will specifically outline the features that are important for athletes, the features that you should pay attention to are firmness and cushioning, temperature regulation, and size. Other features such as comfortability and extra add ons will also be mentioned. 

Firmness levels

The firmness level is the first essential consideration. A mattress that is too hard will feel like a plank of wood under your body, while a soft mattress will make you sink into it without getting the necessary support. 

A soft mattress is enchanting and comfortable but missing the necessary support will be unable to keep your spine aligned and in turn, cause back and neck pain, which is common but critical in the sports area. 

If you observe the above chart, it shows the relevant firmness for sleepers. As you can see, slimmer people will need softer mattresses to be comfortable, while larger-sized ones will do much better with a firmer mattress that provides more support for the spine. 

A soft mattress, on the other hand, is for those who weigh less than, let’s say, 130 pounds. It suits those who sleep on one side very well. These mattresses are also good for those who have arthritis or suffer from joint pain and need pressure relief.

A mattress with a high-density polyfoam core is recommended for bodybuilders. The high-density polyfoam support core provides a solid foundation and maintains spinal alignment. 

You might not know that, as a larger size people, you usually feel softer on a firm mattress. In addition to cushioning your body, it provides support for your 7-zone body parts separately, especially with our Hesperis Mattress

For a precise estimation, one could consider consulting a doctor for understanding the most appropriate firmness levels for themselves. 


Comfort and support are important. But for athletes, it means looking for a mattress with at least three layers of support. One of them must be a higher-density foam layer.

It is not uncommon for some folks in pain to shift positions after a few hours of sleep. This is probably because the mattress you have isn’t providing enough relief at the pressure points in your body. High-density foam mattresses with a slow response are often helpful for pain in the shoulders and hips.

The soft and comfortable memory foam on the top layer allows the body to experience zero pressure, easily being all around cushioned and falling asleep.

The high resilience density characteristics of the middle High-Density Q-Stretch Foam make the cushion soft and not collapse, giving the body much more support when lying down and getting up. Keep the spine aligned and healthy.

While the third firmest layer with the unique ergonomic cutting process, precisely supports the 7-zone pressure point of your body to keep your spine stretched in a natural curve. Enjoy a relaxed deep sleep.

Since it takes a while for your body to adjust to the mattress, you might want to consider buying a mattress from a company that allows a trial period of at least 100 days. A lot of bed-in-a-box companies offer just that.

Temperature regulation

The Newentor Mattress is made with gel-infused memory foam and a natural fabric cover to regulate temperature. The foam with gel is dense enough to minimize heat retention, but not too firm. 

The gel pearls in the foam make this memory foam a unique option. This is a mattress for bodybuilders who care about their back and neck alignment. The gel in the foam keeps your all-night sleep cool and dry, the natural fabric helps regulate temperature, too.

In addition, the gel-infused memory foam reduces pressure on joints and is cool to touch.

A good mattress is firm enough to provide proper spinal alignment and a comfortable night's sleep. Too soft the body will sink into the mattress, which is not healthy for bodybuilders. The right amount of softness and support is needed for the spinal alignment and avoiding neck and back pain. This is normally achieved with three layers of adjustable design and adjustable firmness, and this feature is especially important for bodybuilders. 

In addition to having a soft, supportive experience, the Hesperis Mattress also has the top layer with Gel-Visco Memory Foam and a natural fabric cover that helps regulate temperature, lower skin temperature by 1.5-2℃.

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