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Newentor Portable Dehumidifier

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    Kindly note that the dehumidifier in the video is a first generation version and is only used for effects demonstration.

    High Capacity With Large Cover Area

    25L/24H dehumidication capacity for an area of 80 m² and 215 m³.

    Powerful and Enegergy Saving Compressor

    The De'Longhi x Newentor compressor annihilates moisture with turbo-charged suction power.

    Moisture gone in an instant!

    Triple Noise Reduction

    Innovative air duct system with intelligent DC motor, everything is in military-grade structure and workmanship.

    Humanized Design

    Retractable handle with 360° swivel casters makes sure you can easily move the item along stairs or between rooms.

    Filter Cleaning Reminder

    A removable, washable filter removes a lot of impurities from the air and provides fresh air.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

    Dehumidifiers help guard against mold and mildew—two types of fungus that can pose health risks, especially to people with sensitivities—by removing moisture from the air.

    A dehumidifier uses a fan to move air in the room over refrigerated coils, collecting moisture in a tank, which you then empty when full.

    How Do You Clean a Dehumidifier?

    A dehumidifier that’s not thoroughly cleaned can breed unhealthy mold spores that can be harmful to people with mold allergies.

    To prevent the growth of mold and other contaminants, we recommends emptying and doing a deep cleaning and sanitizing of the tank at least once a week.

    Do Dehumidifiers Cool the Air?

    While a dehumidifier can make a space feel less muggy by removing moisture from the air, it doesn’t actually cool a room.

    In fact, dehumidifiers sometimes have the opposite effect—they produce heat, which, in an isolated space, can raise a room’s temperature.

    That said, any temperature increase is likely marginal, to the point where a room can still feel cooler because it’s less humid.

    Should You Keep a Dehumidifier Running All the Time?

    Worried that keeping your dehumidifier running will spike your energy bill? Don’t be. Most dehumidifiers use only 300 to 700 watts of electricity, depending on their capacity.

    Another reason it’s okay to keep a dehumidifier running is that It should respond to the humidity levels dropping, and kick back on when the levels climb again.

    If you notice that the unit doesn’t seem to ever shut down, your dehumidifier’s capacity is likely too low for the space you are trying to dehumidify.

    Can You Drink Dehumidifier Water?

    Drinking dehumidifier water is a hard no.

    And before you start getting any ideas, know that dehumidifier water can’t be sterilized through boiling.

    Bottom line: Stick to drinking bottled water or tap water that’s not high in PFAS chemicals.

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