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  • Removable Cover and Dual Sided
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    Unique 7 Layers Design With Removable Cover

    Unique 7 Layers Design With Removable Cover

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    Minky Dot Fabric
  • 2 / 7
    Ultra-soft Polyster
  • 3 / 7
    Polyster Layer
  • 4 / 7
    Non-glue Polyster Layer
  • 5 / 7
    Non-Toxic Premium Glass Beads
  • 6 / 7
    Ultra-soft Polyster
  • 7 / 7
    Natually Breathable Bamboo Fabric
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    4 Zoned Weight Distribution

    Scientific design of weight distribution. Through calculated glass beads amount in each partition to achieve specific blanket pressure for different body parts, the necks, shoulders, waists, hips, legs and feet, etc.

    Removable Cover and Dual Sided

    The weighted blankets is dual-sided, making it ideal for all seasons.

    Its environmental-friendly bamboo microfiber side keeps you cool during the night, and is natually antimicrobial.

    And if you're cold, the weighted blankets's soft fleece side will keep you warm.

    7 Layered Structure & Multi-Grid Stitches

    The 7 layers structure reduces the sensation of beads and prevents beads from leaking.

    The strong stitching and the tight finishing the pockets of the glass beads are sewn into ensure the beads do not bunch up and the weighted blanket feels balanced throughout the night.

    Warmth and Comfort

    Not only will your sleep be improved; You will feel more relaxed and comfortable under the weighted blanket.

    For the full experience, the single weighted blanket is best used by one person as it gets all around your body. You will find that getting into bed is something you look forward to.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Is the blanket cover included in the package?

    Yes, the cover is sent together with the weighted blanket. So you have dual sides to use, suitable for both summer and winter.

    Why should the weighted blanket be divided into different zones?

    Because when sleeping, your body requires different depth pressures among parts.

    We find that our waist and hips need more pressure because these parts of the muscles need to be relaxed and in contrast, the chest and shoulders do not need as much pressure, otherwise, it will cause discomfort.

    Is it possible to trial the blanket and return it if not happy?

    We would like to, but due to blankets being personal items, we currently do not offer free trial and return policy. Thanks!

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