The Verdict on Magnetic Mattress Pads & Toppers

The Verdict on Magnetic Mattress Pads  & Toppers

Magnetic therapy has long been used to cure physical pain. It is popular in many countries and has become legal in the field of medicine. Because of this, bracelets, cushions, and other magnetic products came into being. 

Can magnetic therapy also be used to improve our sleep? Let's take a look at some information about the magnetic mattress pads and toppers.

The principle of magnetic therapy

The human body is an energy magnetic field. If there is pain somewhere, its magnetic field will change accordingly. Magnetic therapy releases negative ions, which regulate the biological current of the human body under the resonance of far-infrared rays and magnetic fields, so as to achieve the effect of balancing the internal magnetic field of the human body.

What is a magnetic mattress pad?

Magnetic mattress pads come with certain health care functions. Magnetic mattress pads involve the use of magnets, which play a role in the reduction of related diseases through the application of magnetic fields and electrons in the human body, the penetration of electric ions, and the activity of magnetic ions. 

Most magnetic mattress pads are made of foam of different sizes, a continuous strip magnet is inserted into the foam interior and covers the entire bed to encircle the entire body. Therefore, it is essential to have the right size and specifications for your bed and mattress topper. Check our bed in a box collection for detailed specifics. 

The benefits of magnetic mattress pads & toppers

Magnetic mattress pads and toppers are very popular at present. They can calm the nerves, massage and relieve pressure, keep healthy and improve sleep quality. We should know that the possibility of treating diseases with magnetic mattress pads and toppers is very small,  there is no scientific proof that they can treat human diseases. 

The effect of magnetic therapy varies for different human bodies. Let's take a detailed introduction.

  1. Calm the nerves, massage to release pressure

The high-elasticity columnar structure of the foam block inside the magnetic mattress pad has superior elasticity and recovery, and can also play a gentle mastoid massage effect on the body when turned over. The mattress pad can produce some relatively high concentrations of negative ions, regulate the nervous system of the brain, play a sedative role, reduce fatigue, calm down the mental state, and is very helpful for sleep.

  1. Promote blood circulation and relieve pain, reduce inflammation and swelling

The magnetic mattress pad and topper use the effect of magnetic therapy to achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory. The mattress pad design makes the magnetic block evenly contact the human body to form a small micro-magnetic field. The pad has an acceleration effect on blood flow and can enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells, prevent the blood from being too sticky, and at the same time, it also has the effect of relieving swelling and pain caused by inflammation.

  1. Help metabolism and improve body resistance

The magnetic mattress pad and topper place hundreds of permanent magnets in the pad inside, which generates a magnetic field that is beneficial to the human body, helps the body balance and activate cells, and promotes cell metabolism, thereby enhancing immune function and strengthening resistance. Viruses and bacteria capabilities. 

  1. Balance the magnetic field of the human body

According to the best magnetic field required by the human body, the magnetic field generated by the magnetic mattress topper and the functions of far-red negative ions form a three-dimensional magnetic field, which is used to balance the magnetic field of the acupoints and change the micro-magnetic field on the meridian of the human body. Let the magnetic field of each acupuncture point be stabilized at the optimal level and adjust the micro-magnetic field.

What are the side effects of magnetic mattress products?

Magnetic mattress pads and toppers have a certain physiotherapy effect on the human body, but not all people are suitable. After all, there are differences in individuals. Improper use or poor-quality products will cause some side effects. In addition, magnetic therapy has no absolute health care and safety effects. It is unscientific to use it alone to treat diseases, we can only pray for a certain auxiliary effect. Therefore, do not buy magnetic products without knowing them, and it is best to consult a doctor before using them.

Improper use of magnetic products will cause harm to the body. If the magnetic field strength is too small, the expected therapeutic effect may not be achieved; if the magnetic field strength is too large, adverse reactions such as dizziness and vomiting may occur. There’s also the potential for lethargy, and premature cell death and these symptoms take a while to be noticed.

 Possible harmful factors and possible consequences of magnetic products, including electric shock, burns, harmful radiation, infection, etc. Some people can not use, tumor patients, it is easy to cause tumor displacement. People with metallic foreign bodies in their bodies, people with implanted cardiac erectors, etc.

Nowadays, the magnetic therapy mattress pads and toppers on the market are quite complex, and many manufacturers exaggerate the functions. We must be careful before buying, magnetic products are not a cure for all ailments.


Some people who use magnetic mattress pads and toppers can feel the benefits listed above, while others may not. As mentioned earlier, the effect varies from person to person. What we want to say is that if a magnetic mattress pad can relieve spinal pain and improve sleep, then a memory foam mattress pad is also effective.

Memory foam is very sensitive to temperature. It can adjust the human body to the most comfortable posture according to the body temperature, decompose the pressure of the human body, promote blood circulation, and help to improve the quality of sleep. In a word, what kind of mattress pads to buy depends on personal needs, you just buy them in combination with your actual situation.

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