What Can You Get From Buying A Cheap Mattress

What Can You Get From Buying A Cheap Mattress

We do think that the cost-benefit ratio is quite important when it comes to picking a new mattress, and in fact, some products can’t be of the same quality when priced at the same level. Today we look at the mattress composition to understand the way of picking the right high-quality mattress.

What does a mattress consist of?

The mattress consists of three parts: support layer, comfort layer, and cover.

Mattress support layer:

Mattress support layer is the heart of the whole mattress. The quality of a support layer is determined by spring, factors such as the coverage of the spring, the texture of the steel, the core diameter, and the caliber of the spring. There are basically two types of mattress spring systems on the market: an open coil sprung system and a pocket sprung system.

Pocket-type spring is better. You can lie on it and turn it over without making noise. It can withstand the force of all parts of the body evenly, your neck and waist will perfectly fit the mattress. Although the open coil spring is not as comfortable as the former, it is a common mattress support type on the market, with good support and good spring, and most importantly, the price is more acceptable.

Comfort layer - Filler:

It is easy to understand that the filling layer is to adjust the hardness of the entire mattress to meet the needs of different customers. Each material has its own function, and its hardness is also different.

Generally, the materials of the filling layer are divided in order from soft to hard. The materials such as latex and slow rebound sponge are the softest, and increasing the thickness can make the mattress softer; the second is 3D three-dimensional fiber, which is moderate and breathable Excellent; palm, jute, brown cotton, etc. are hard models. Fillers can be filled individually or stacked together.

The cover layer:

the comfort of the mattress cover determines your first feeling of the mattress, after all, it is the part closest to the human body. We need a comfortable and good-looking cover. Many mattress covers are mainly made of pure cotton, and some use 3D breathable fabrics and fire-resistant fabrics.

The high-quality mattress surface has anti-mite treatment in the production process, which can kill and inhibit the growth of mites and is breathable, with the moisture-proof effect, and certain fire-proof effect.

High-quality and healthy covers are very important for users. Once the cover layer uses low-quality fabrics, it is easy to breed bacteria and mites, which can lead to human infection, and even serious long-term sleeplessness and diseases such as neurasthenia.

What can we learn from a cheap mattress?

We all know the rule that cheap things are not good, good things are not cheap. While there may be some exceptions, this is true when it comes to mattresses. Suppose we happily bought a cheap mattress somewhere, thinking we took advantage of it, but this mattress may have unexpected problems.

In the seemingly simple structure, many manufacturers can manage many ways to cut corners. For example, the cover does not use knitted fabrics; the top layer of the filling is made of a sponge with a slightly higher density, but the bottom is made of inferior recycled cotton; no independent springs, no balance strips, etc...

These invisible mattress materials are the most basic components of high-quality mattresses and many manufacturers save costs at places where they shouldn't, trying to gain market share and undeserved profits through marketing exaggerated promises.

Counterfeiting of filling materials

Cheap mattresses may use synthetic latex. The latex content is too low, the elasticity is not good, there is no comfort, and even the powder will crack and fall out within a few months; While the high-grade mattress uses natural latex, with a content density of 90% or more. The latex is soft and has a longer service life.

Secondly, the combination of various materials is different. Take the filling layer as an example. The cheap mattress filling layer is generally a thin layer of sponge + latex; The high-grade mattress filling layer materials may go into 3-4 kinds, such as adding memory cotton, bubble spring, 3D materials, and so on. Cheap mattresses have no other bedding materials on the front and back, so they have no support when sleeping.

Short fiber cotton: It is made by breaking up with rags, and it will break if it is slightly torn. The most important job of fiber cotton is to protect the springs. Cheap mattresses use cheap materials, and the relative life of the mattress will not last more than a few years. Only white fiber cotton is long fiber, and other colors of fiber cotton are reconstituted from scrap fabrics.

Formaldehyde exceeds the standard

Due to the non-standard production mode, cheap mattresses often have formaldehyde exceeding standard quantity. The mattress stays close to our skin and if people are exposed to formaldehyde for more than 6 hours a day, it will cause skin allergy, even asthma, and dyspnea, which eventually seriously endanger our health.

Mattress function detours

There are many over-marketed mattresses on the market, which are said to work just like health care products (most health care products are actually marketing concepts ONLY). But if you believe that mattress could cure disease or change your life, you might be disappointed later on.

In fact, these are gimmicks made by unscrupulous manufacturers for profit. Whether the materials used in these mattresses are supportive or contain radiation might be difficult to define, but they are very likely to be the type of unqualified products that need extra marketing to sell.

So here comes another rule that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is not true.


A cheap mattress might seem like a good deal and attractive for a few days, but we won’t guarantee there will be a good experience for anytime longer than a few months, nor would there be any obvious magical improvement to sleep quality or health or even mattress longevity in the long run.

Think twice and choose Hesperis Mattress, not to mention that it's not expensive at all.

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