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Wireless 7.5-inch Full Color Weather Station Q3 - All In One Functions

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  • Two Power Modes & Adjustable Backlight
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    Kindly understand that this video is from our US content creator and the socket for the Australian version will be to Australian standards.The Australian version does not have atomic clock functionality.

    7.5" LCD Screen

    Large colour display which shows comprehensive information on temperature and humidity, etc.

    3-Channels Available

    Wireless temperature forecast station supports up to 3 remote sensors to monitor inside outside temperature & humidity of multiple locations.

    The package contains one remote sensor.

    Wireless Forecast Station

    The weather forecast station calculates the weather forecast for the next 12-24 hours.

    7 to 10 days of calibration ensures an accurate personal forecast for your location.

    Two Power Modes & Adjustable Backlight

    The screen can be set to always-on or power-saving mode when the adapter is plugged in.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Is the sensor waterproof?

    No.If the detection chip is added with a waterproof layer, it cannot be fused with the air directly, which will result in poor detection sensitivity & inaccurate humidity. Our chip detects the air directly, with higher accuracy & better flexibility.

    The reason why the clock goes wrong automatically?

    The default time zone of the weather clock is PST and the DST is OFF, you only need to simply set your standard time zone and ON/OFF DST according to the instructions when you use it for the first time. Then the clock won't be wrong.

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