What Are the Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattress?

What Are the Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattress?

As we have mentioned quite a few times before, memory foam was invented by NASA during the 1970s and was set out to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for airlines. Since then it was picked up by the market and become a popular trend in the mattress industry.

We have covered the pros and cons of memory foam but today we give the full coverage on all the disadvantages of memory foam mattresses just to give you a better picture. 


Memory foam mattresses can be heavier compared to other mattresses. The weight could be an issue for those who prefer to rotate their mattresses after a while for mattress preservation, the weight could also be a problem for people who move around due to temporary stays.


One of the significant drawbacks of memory foam mattresses is that they preserve body temperature and are not the best at distributing heat. This makes it a lousy option for people from hotter regions or sleep in the summer, and is instead convenient for winter times or colder regions. 

Memory foam embedded with gel is a good option to decrease the temperature unless you live in a cold region and need to regularly increase the warmth in the room and bedroom.

Hesperis Mattress has the top comfort level embedded with gel to decrease the warmth preservation of normal memory foam mattresses. It allows the body to experience zero pressure, and easily fall asleep, while providing a refreshing and stable sleeping temperature, lowering the skin temperature by 1.5-2℃.

Unpleasant odor

Due to cost benefits, despite the technological advancement, some locations manufacture memory foam mattresses in the old school method. The traditional process of foam mattresses involved harmful chemicals to make memory foam soft and comfortable for the users.

These chemicals are not only unhealthy but also release an unpleasant odor. If not aired properly, they will generate unpleasant smells. 

But if the memory foam is of good quality, such as certified by CertiPUR-US®, in terms of Hesperis Mattress, the smell will dissipate within a day or two completely.

Lack of support

There have been feedback and complaints about memory foam mattresses giving discomfort in some cases. Some of the major reasons for this could be due to the low quality of material used or the other parts are of inferior quality such as cover.

An inferior quality memory foam mattress could have multiple issues such as discomfort, smells, hot issues, lack of support, or short lifespan. We have discussed in the article What Can You Get From Buying A Cheap Mattress sacrificing quality for the price is not a good option in the long term.


There could be cases for oversized people to be sinking into the bed. These people need a mattress a bit firmer to support their weight and body, a mattress with memory foam is usually of three layers. 

If the mattress is of adjustable design to change the firmness or if the mattress has a strong support layer, then you could always opt for a firmer design and get adequate support and avoid this disadvantage. 

Memory foam mattress usually has the top layer as the comfort layer to provide cushion and cradling. If you shift the bottom support layer to the top, then the firmness level could be significantly increased to avoid this problem. It can be achieved with Hesperis Mattress.


Good quality mattresses are more expensive than the spring ones and other types. Buying cheaper mattresses in memory foam would in no way improve sleep quality or sleep comfort. 

We know that spending on a mattress is expensive but a good quality memory foam mattress will be worth the money, you might understand it right after the first night on Hesperis Mattress

Not waterproof

Memory foam mattresses and their toppers are not waterproof. Therefore, the memory foam material is not friendly to moisture or accidental water spillage. 

Mattresses that are not waterproof are more difficult to clean, and for such mattresses, you should at least have a waterproof cover or topper. 

High maintenance

Most of us know that memory foam mattresses need a lot of maintenance and care to ensure long-term benefits. We have discussed this in detail here How to Shop for A New Mattress and How to Make Your Mattress Last Longer. Any accident spill, heavyweight or changeable temperature could disrupt the foam structure of the memory foam mattress. It needs extra care and attention.

No motion transfer

Memory foam mattresses have independent foam structures to make movements separated and undetectable. These help decrease the motion transfer and thus you are not aware of whether your partner is next to you. 

If you prefer more intimacy but also disruption instead of independent experiences, consider something else other than a memory foam mattress.

Too many fillers

Companies add fillers in the mattress mainly to increase commercial profit through saving costs. 

Some common foam fillers are silica and calcium carbonate.

The fillers can deteriorate the life of your mattress. Fiberglass is not a safe option for your mattress. It is due to the carcinogenic properties present. Fiberglass is used inside the mattress as a fire retardant under Federal Law though.

Toxic chemicals or materials like formaldehyde, naphthalene, isocyanates, and benzene are used in memory foam mattresses by some unqualified manufacturers.

As per the studies and observance by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, these materials are toxic and may cause irritation to the nose, throat, skin, and eyes.

Therefore, pay attention to finding a good quality trustworthy mattress company brand when you wish to buy a memory foam mattress, such as Newentor. This will be of high importance for your health. 

Final Words

Despite all the disadvantages, there is another side of the coin too. Memory foam mattresses have a list of advantages such as their extraordinary sleeping experience could greatly increase your sleep quality. 

Just have a check with possible consequences when you decide to buy one, and we believe you will be happy with the investment after all. 

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